Friday, December 4, 2009

Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies and Chai Frozen Yogurt

A one-pump chai, one-pump gingerbread soy latte makes me a happy camper.  My father-in-law is a Chai fanatic.  He also loves ice cream.  And, since both families are making the trek to come to sunny so-cal this Christmas, I decided I needed to make a good Chai ice cream recipe so he could have it when they got here.  My parents are coming from Colorado and my husband's parents are coming from Idaho.  Both families are leaving snow, fireplaces and skiing to meet sand, 60 degrees, and surfing.  The least we can do is offer them a cold treat and pretend that it's winter.

I was going to go chocolate chip cookies because, well they are classic and I never make them.  But then my friend Julia suggested butterscotch and I was so excited.  Sometimes I forget butterscotch exists, and I am so glad that Julia is smarter than me because they were perfect with the Chai spices.

And the Chai. The only thing you have to think about here is make sure that the Chai you get is not already sweetened. This recipe used unsweetened Chai powder and then sweetened it until it tasted just right.  No joke.  You by-the-book people are going to hate this recipe cause it's also of guessing and doing what tastes the best. But that is what baking is all about, so have fun with this one and think of other teas or drinks that would make a great ice cream.  Mint Hot Coco? Mexican Hot Coco?  Early Gray?  If you can drink it, then why not freeze it and eat it?

Chai Ice Cream

2 cups non-fat yogurt
1 cup milk {I used almond milk}
1/2 cup cream
4 oz organic cream cheese or to taste
4 heaping scoops unsweetened Chai mix
about 1/4 cup brown sugar or to taste

Mix all ingredients in blender or food processor until mixed well and smooth. Your tastebuds will be your best friend in this one.  Taste well.  Add Chai and sugar slowly and easily.  Above is what we lied but maybe you like it a bit spicier, or sweeter.  You choose! Place all ingredients into ice cream maker per manufacturer's instructions.  Freeze immediately or enjoy immediately.

Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies

I can't lie to you hear.  I bought the package and followed the recipe as it says on the back.  Oh yeah, I added a cup of quick-cooking Oatmeal.  Here is the recipe as well.


  1. As someone who tasted these...take my word for it! They are delicious and refreshing!! The ice cream flavor is not overwhelming and is quite lovely to the senses...the cookies are also great!!

  2. They sound delicious! I bet oatmeal and chai go well together.

  3. I'm sorry, you said I am smarter then you. Bahahaha. Thanks though.
    I think I want to make some chai banana fro yo. The banana addition is mainly b/c the only yogurt we have in our house right now is banana. Ice cream maker going in the freezer right now to be frozen in time to make some tomorrow. Great pics too!!!!