Wednesday, December 23, 2009

S'mores Ice Cream

Who doesn't love a good camp fire?  I know that these usually happen during the summer, but there are a few methods to my madness for this craving:  First of all, I live in Southern California.  Do you know that its summer all year round?  I'm serious, it's wonderful. Beach. Sunglasses. Windows down. Doors open. Campfires.  Secondly,  there is something about familiar tastes that can transport you to a certain time and place.  The scent of a certain perfume can remind you of an old flame {my mom says things like that, or refers to people having a "main squeeze"} or tasting something that you had in your school cafeteria can take you back to the good ol' days.  And s'mores my friends, does the same thing.  Campfires. Camping. Scary Stories. Truth or Dare. The whole bit.  So, yes, I am aware it's winter, but make up a cup of hot coco with this bowl of ice cream and have your own little campfire, Christmas edition.

Of course you are going to need some Marshmallows.  How you cook them is going to tell me, and yourself, and others about how you generally cook your s'mores.  Do you cook them slowly and throughly?  Do you let them catch on fire and burn?  I am the latter, so I cooked mine a bit longer than the former may like.  However, you must know that it gave the mallows a "toasty" flavor, which is the point of campfires after all.

Absolutely you need the grahams and chocolate.  Honeymaid is where it's at.  I mean, it's classic, right?  And Hershey's is usually my go-to. And it was for this ice cream, but alas, as usual I ate it all before I could photograph it, so this is the Trader Joes' variation.

And yes, it is as creamy, delicious, beautiful, and wonderful as it looks.  Am I the only person to describe food in this way?  Seriously, I'm making this again. And having a fire via a million candles, hot coco and telling my favorite scary story.  Or tear-jerker.  Or sentimental heart-warmer.  Or favorite song. get the point.  The question is, what will you share?

S'mores Ice Cream (makes 1/2 quart)

1/2 package marshmallows
1 cup milk
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 bar Hershey's Chocolate
3 Honeymaid Graham crackers

Place Marshmallows, cream and milk into a large saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly until the mallows are melted, and the liquids blend nicely with the mallows.  The texture will be thick, gooey, and wonderful.  Remove from heat and let cool for only one minute, stirring occasionally to make sure the marshmallows do not cool too much, making the mixture sticky.  Pour mixture into ice cream maker that has been frozen according to manufacturer's instructions, and churn for about 30-35 minutes.   While the ice cream is churning, cut chocolate into chunks about 1/4-1/2 the size of a regular s'mores piece.  This is different for everyone, so choose accordingly.  Break graham cracker pieces inso larger pieces, you want them to stay in tact so that they will freeze well, and still resemble graham cracker pieces after the freezing process is done.  After churning is completed, turn off ice cream maker, and fold in chocolate pieces and then graham cracker pieces.  Be gentle when folding in the graham cracker pieces, or they will break.  Of course a little break here and there is fine, but you want to have a few, good strong pieces in there; just like men in your life.  :)  Serve right away or store in an airtight container.  If the ice cream is a bit softer than you want, it's because the mixture was added when it was hot.  So just place in the freezer for an hour or so before serving. Enjoy!


  1. This was hands down one of the best ice creams you've ever made! WOW!

  2. That looks so good! I never would have thought of S'mores as an ice cream flavor - but I like it. I am definitely going to have to try this!