Friday, January 8, 2010

Yogurt Parfait and Other Delicious Snacks

Do you remember that magazine Highlights? And there were always those pages where you had to find the hidden things in the picture?  Well let's play a round of that game.  You find: cheese. In this photo. See it yet?

How about now?  If you say now, I'll know your lying, because I only added maple syrup.  Wait, maple syrup? Cheese? Blueberries?  Welcome friends to my taste buds.  Before I go further, let me please tell you that I am fully aware that this hardly constitutes as "baking", but more on that later.  You see, this yogurt parfait is my to-die-for favorite snack: Greek style Cheese Yogurt, blueberries, and maple syrup.  I have this every single day.  Not joking. Sometimes, I have multiple servings and call it lunch.  Take my word for it.  The cheese and maple taste like a birthday party. Seriously, trust me on this one.

Do you know what else is to die for? Biscuits.  I wish that I could tell you I made these. But I'm too hungry to make the dough, so I got these from Trader Joes. And yes, that thick coating of white is butter. Pure butter. Not to worry though, I used Rice Milk instead of Whole Milk in my coffee today to try and break even with the calories. But then I had three of these biscuits, so I failed in my efforts. Have you had biscuits recently?  I care about your sanity. Have one.

Why, oh why am I writing about things that anyone can make and that are random combinations?  Because this is how I come up with ice cream flavors.  If it's good normal, then why would it not be good wrapped up in heavy cream and sugar?

Enlighten me.  What is your favorite snack, meal, breakfast, spice?  Let's collaborate here and come up with some new flavors.  I'm dying to make the two above, because then I can have my snacks in dessert form.  If you suggest it, I'll try and make it.  Let's roll.


  1. I have yoghurt parfaits almost every day - when the weather is - you know - above zero. These days I am trying to concentrate on vegetables and not desserts - but I am sucker for chocolate and cream!

  2. Amazing!! Can't wait to try

  3. Beautiful presentation. This is very healty recipe.

  4. Bonnie, these are the best parfait pics I've ever seen - my favorite is the second one where you can see the maple syrup.

    Love love it!