Monday, October 26, 2009

Chilled Cucumber, Basil, and Mint Soup

The first time I had chilled soup was when I had my tonsils out and I could not eat anything.  The cold felt good, but popsicles were getting old, so my mom made me Gazpacho soup, and cold soup is now one of my favorites.

I found this recipe on Martha Stewart's website, and it was so good.  I originally had wanted to have a salad, but I saw this and was so intrigued by how unique it sounded.  I also wanted to expand my palette and those of my guests with something unique and different. It was perfect for the meal because we made small amounts for each person, so those that did not like it, didn't have to waste any, and those that did, were left wanting more. The basil and mint were very refreshing, and if you use low fat sour cream, then this soup is as healthy as it gets.  Here is my rendition of the recipe:

Chilled Cucumber, Basil, and Mint Soup

Serves 4

1 cup of Sour Cream
1/2 cup of fresh Basil
1/2 cup of fresh Mint
1/4 cup of diced Scallion 
1 cup of water
1 large seedless Cucumber
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
Thin Cucumber slices for garnish

Remove Basil and Mint leaves from stems, and rip (or use a fancy machine and chop) into small pieces.  Place Sour Cream into a food processor or blender, along with the Basil, Mint, Scallion, and water.  Process until blended, but not smooth.  The soup should be a bit chunky.  Chop the cucumber into small pieces and add to the mixture along with the lemon juice.  Process again until almost smooth.  The consistency here is your call.  Cold soup might throw your guests for a loop anyway, so chunky soup might really do it to them.  If so, make it smooth.  If not, then let the Cucumber chunks be very present. Remove from processor and chill in a sealed bowl for at least three hours.  Soup is best served on the same day.  When you are ready to serve, place one or two cucumbers on top of the soup, and enjoy!

I used this one batch that serves four for the entire 13 person party.  This was intentional so that people just had a taste of something new, but the lasagna stood out as the main course.  I served the soup in these cute mugs, and made sure that no soup was dripping down the inside.  I think it added a bit of character to the night, and small taste of a fresh, invigorating chilled appetizer.

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